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Photo Gallery!

   past moms & dads and                  PAST PUPPIES 

This page is currently under construction!  Pictures will be posted soon!

Beethoven was the Kingpin of our Shih Tzu Mystique breeding program!  Most of our dogs and puppies are distantly related to him....

Dolly, our Princess, gave us so many beautiful puppies.  Her lineage is the foundation of our Shih Tzu Mystique lines!

Apollo.  A Nikki/Beethoven puppy.

Kureko  - Our International Champion from Thailand.  What a magnificent boy!

Heidi is a Beethoven/Dolly girl, and mom of Ping, Brandy, Brooklynn, and Lacey - all in our current breeding program!

Clover and Lucky - Brandy puppies, 2015.

Cali - now Addie.  Juno/Slick puppy, 2015.

Jolene - Dolly/Beethoven puppy 2012.

Danny - Dolly/Kureko puppy 2013.

Layla and Maximus - Dolly/Beethoven pupppies 2012.

Eli - Dolly/Beethoven puppy 2012.

Gracie retired in early 2016

Baby Jake and Jayla  - Gracie & Ping puppies

Dana, Donny, and Dori - Gracie puppies

Nash, Nelson, Nitro, and Nolan - Hannah/Ping puppies

Halo and Heath - Now Benji!  Heidi/Tango puppies

Howie - Heidi/Tango puppy

Hunter - Heidi/Tango puppy

Tigger - Heidi/Tango puppy 2014

Tinker - Heidi/Tango puppy 2014

Our Ping, Heidi/Tango puppy at 5 weeks of age!

Pixi, Pong, and Polo - Heidi/Tango puppies

Kane - Jasmine/Slick puppy 

Kenny - Jasmine/Slick puppy

Kirby - Now Garrus - Jasmine/Slick puppy

Joey - Gracie puppy

Juno was a sweet, sweet mom.  Born here, Juno was a Riley/Vegas puppy, and she had 3 beautiful litters for us!

Oliver, Oscar, and Omega - Now our Abby Rose!  Juno/Slick puppies

Wanda, Wendy, Wes, and Winter - Juno/Slick puppies 2015

Eli, Elise, Emily - now Belle, Emory (with those blue/green eyes!, and Evie - Now Bailey - Juno/Slick puppies

GiGi, Gypsy, and Sage - Majah puppies

Marley, Monte, and Teddy - Majah puppies 2013

Jack, Jada, Jill, and Josie - Majah pupppies 2012

Nikki.  She had one lovely litter for us!

Apollo, Kimmy, Kumba - Now Sammy, and Kip.  Nikki/Beethoven puppies

Our granddaughter Maya and a Ziva/Beethoven litter!

Terra - one of our beautiful moms back in 2012

Our Ari.  She had just one litter for us.  

Piper - Dolly/Beethoven puppy

Yin and Yulee - Raven/Tango puppies

Lana, Liem, Lola and Lucah - Raven/Slick puppies

Peace, Peter, Phoenix, and Pippa - Brooklynn & Orion's puppies 2016

Quincy & Quinn - Lacey & Slick's puppies 2016

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