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FeFe at 8 weeks

FeFe taken 10/8/2017

Sac River's Femme Fatale: "FeFe"


DOB:  12/29/2015


FeFe is a gorgeous girl; hard to describe her color! Fawn, maybe?!! This picture was taken 3/2016.  She has a beautiful thick coat, dark lovely eyes, and lashes to die for!  FeFe was sold to us as an Imperial, and she is indeed just under the size of a small standard. Very nice conformation, short back, ideal tail set!  I wouldn't change a single thing about her!  FeFe weighs 7.5 pounds as of 9/6/2016.


Imperial Good Golly Miss Molly: "Molly"


DOB:  03/17/2016


Molly is a now 8 pound Black female (after becoming a Mom) with a lot of colors in her background.  She will have her second litter with Slick in April 2018.  (Picture coming soon).



Beauty is Not For the Meek: "Meeka"


DOB:  03/17/2016


Meeka is a sweet girl, now a great mom! Black with White markings on her chin and chest, Meeka weighs about 10.5 pounds non-pregnant, non-nursing. She is Molly's full sister.  Meeka will retire in late 2018, after having just one more beautiful litter.


(Terrible picture, taken 9/16/2017, right before Abby Rose had her first litter.  She is Brindle, not silver, but we needed to run with what we had available for the moment.  Much better pictures will be posted soon).

Mystique's Imperial Here Comes the Sun: "Abby Rose"



GEORGEOUS little Brindle girl, Abby Rose weighs about 6.5 pounds.  She has the most beautiful black eyes, and a wonderful loving personality.  She is a descendent of our Riley, originating from Misty Dejavue lines.  We can't wait to see what Abby Rose produces in September!  (New picture coming soon).


Sac River's Imperial Victory is Mine!: "Tori"


DOB: 6/2/2016


Tori is gorgeous!  She is a Standard, and weighs about 12 pounds.  Tori has a beautiful, flat face, and lots of personality!  Now a nearly white Gold & White,  she had her first litter with Yoshi in April 2018.   



Cali at 8 weeks!


Taken 1/8/2018!


Classy Pups' Imperial Stole My Heart

"Calipso" (nickname Cali)


DOB:  9/7/2016


Lovely little Black & White girl!  She has the big round eyes, and ewok face!  Cali remains quite small, only about 6 pounds at maturity.  She has the sweetest, most loving personality.  Everyone just loves Cali!  


Mystique's Imperial I Candy - "Candi"


DOB:  10/25/2016


We have decided to keep Raven's last girl! Raven's puppies are always exceptional quality, and we are excited to see Candi mature.  She is the funniest little bouncy ball of energy ever!  At 1 year, Candi weighs almost 7 pounds!  Candi is a Black/Silver, as were her mom, Raven, and Grandma, Majah.  Her silver is much more prominent, and would be better described simply as Silver!  Candi has a very nice square conformation - short little back, perfect tail set, beautiful teeth, and sweet flat little face.  Updated pics coming soon.


Emperor's Imperial Elegant Breeze - "Willow"


DOB:  2/2/2017


This adorable little girl came to Shih Tzu Mystique April 19, 2017!  Thank you, Irene S.! Willow is a gorgeous cream girl, super fluffy coat, and beautiful dark eyes.  Personality plus! She is under 8 pounds. 


Updated 6/1/2018

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