"We breed for health, quality, extraordinary beauty, and sweet loving dispositions!"

Our Dads!

Teacup-n-Up's Among the Stars:  "Orion"




Orion is a very nice Cream boy weighing 7.5 pounds.  He has huge black eyes and a nice short little back.  He produces beautiful cream puppies!



Mystique's Imperial Pulling My Heartstrings:  "Ping"



Ping is the grandson of our Kingpin Shih Tzu, Beethoven.  Ping weighs 4.5 pounds, and he throws gorgeous tiny puppies!  Ping has outstanding conformtion all the way around.  There is nothing I would change about him!  This picture was taken 9/6/2016.




Teacup-n-Up's Imperial Greased Lightening:  "Slick"


DOB:  2/27/2014


Slick is our "Super-Stud!"  He has sired many litters for us, most are Imperial, a few are small standards at maturity, and all are stunning!  Slick weighs 5.25 pounds.




Right on Target:  "Radar"




Radar is a gorgeous Black & White boy, weighing 7.5 pounds.  He has a wonderful, playful personality, and is now a new Daddy!



8 Weeks Old!  

6 Months Old!  8/12/2017

Wigglipups' Imperial Richeously Red:  "Yoshi"


DOB:  2/16/2017


This is our newest little male, pictured here at age 5 weeks.  He is a gorgeous vibrant red, and tracking for about 6.5 pounds at maturity!  Yoshi has the flattest little face and perfectly shaped head.  His conformation is exceptional!



Updated 8/12/2017

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