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Meeka's Nursery!

Meeka and Radar had their first litter together June 24, 2017!



We have two lovely Black & White boys (Calvin and Colton), and one dreamy little black girl with white markings (Cameo)!


Puppies just started wobble-walking, so are in stage 2 of the nursery.  They are starting to use the potty pad in the nursery, as they are out of the whelping pen.  All 3 have beautiful thick coats and are doing beautifully.  Meeka is the perfect mom!






Calvin is a beautiful little Black & White boy!  Very nice markings on face and body.  Calvin, like his siblings, has a VERY flat little face.  He looks much like his Daddy, Radar!

Calvin            $1000






Just look at this little guy!  Perfect markings, adorable ring on his tail!  He is a bit smaller than his brother Calvin (for now - this can always change as the puppies mature!)  Colton has virtually no nose....!

Colton            $1100

(HOLD - for Calista E.!)




Cameo is a beautiful little black girl with small white markings.  Just a perfect "cameo" face!  She and Colton are approximately the same size right now.  This will most likely change as the puppies grow older.     

Cameo            $1200

(HOLD - for Sabrina R.!)


A $250 deposit will hold the puppy of your choice until she or he is ready to go home with you!  (Deposits are generally non-refundable, but will be transferred to a different or future puppy under certain circumstances).

(Updated July 18, 2017)

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