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Lacey's Nursery!

Puppies Born December 2, 2017!

One boy, one girl, both beautiful healthy babies.  Puppies are now starting to sample solid food and drinking from the water bottle!  First vaccinations scheduled January 11th, so potty training starts the next day.  Puppies will be ready to go home on or after January 25th!





Taken 12/4/2017

Taken 12/20/2017

Taken 12/27/2017

Taken 1/7/2017

Taken 1/20/2017

What a gorgeous little girl!  Haley has nearly perfect conformation - short little back, beautifully shaped head with a very flat face.  She is a bit smaller than her brother, and too soon to be accurate, but we guestimate her size at maturity to be around 7-8 pounds based on lineage. 

Haley-now Bossie!         $1600                                                                                            

SOLD to Paula D.!




Taken 12/4/2017

Taken 12/20/2017

Taken 12/27/2017

Taken 1/7/2017

Taken 1/20/2017

Hewy is a beautiful little Tricolor male!  He has gold in his markings around his head.  His markings are very nice.  Pigment will be black as it freckles in during the next couple of weeks.  While it is too soon to accurately determine size at maturity, we expect Hewy to be around 9 pounds or so based on lineage and size of Lacey and Radar.

Hewy-now Oslo!            $1400                                                                                            

Hold for Sandra P.!



​A $250 deposit will hold the puppy of your choice until she or he is ready to go home with you!  (Deposits are generally non-refundable, but will be transferred to a different or future puppy under certain circumstances).



Payment Options:

We accept deposits and payments in the following methods:  

  • PayPal (use rendells@comcast.net)
  • Personal Check (cleared 24 hours before you receive your new puppy) 
  • Money Order or Cashier's Check
  • Direct Bank Transfer (Call for details).

Please send hard-copy payments to:

                                   Walter Rendell

                       (Call, email,or text for                               address)



If we do not answer the phone when you call, please send an email or a text;  we are often busy with puppies or have a Shih Tzu in the bath/grooming table.  Thanks!


Our home was most recently AKC inspected and approved with 100% compliance on 11/16/2017.  



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