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Hannah's Nursery!

Hannah and Orion had their babies Christmas Eve, 2017!  All beautiful cream puppies; they will be Imperial size Shih Tzu.  All of these puppies are now spoken for, and will be going to their new homes by the end of February!








taken 12/25/2017

taken 1/12/2018

taken 1/20/2018

taken 2/13/2018

Pale Cream with a dash of white on her forehead, Karma is a gorgeous little girl.  She has a nice body shape, and is small! 


Karma-now Suki!           $1700                                                              

Sold to Jacqueline J.!




taken 12/25/2017

taken 1/12/2018

taken 1/20/2018

taken 2/13/2018

Kent is now the smallest of the litter.  He has a beautiful face, nice conformation.  Pigment is coming in on his little nose; it should be black, as are Hannah's and Orion's.  Kent is a light cream now, and his color is likely to lighten more as me matures.  Kent is available with breeding rights to an approved breeder for an additional fee!


Kent-now Huckleberry!    $1600                                                              

(Sold to Jeremy & Amanda D.!)




Taken 12/25/2017

Taken 1/12/2018

Taken 1/20/2018

Taken 2/13/2018

Korey is a very light Cream, and will likely get even lighter.  He has a very nice broad, rounded forehead, and excellent overall conformation.


Korey-now Bentley      $1500                                                              

(Hold-for Sandye & John F.!)



Updated 3/2/2018

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