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          fefe's nursery

FeFe, taken 2017

Ping, taken 2016

FeFe and Ping had 2 beautiful tiny girls March 6, 2017!  

Puppies are now trotting around the nursery and starting to eat solid food!  Just lovely little girls, tracking for 6 -7 pounds as adults.




Taken 3/18/2017

Taken 3/29/2017

Taken 4/3/2017

Taken 4/10/2017

Xanadu is a beautiful little brown girl with white markings.  We expect her color to lighten significantly!  She has a very flat little face, excellent conformation.

Xanadu-now Polly  $1700

HOLD - for the Jobins!



Taken 3/18/2017

Taken 3/29/2017

Taken 4/5/2017

Taken 4/10/2017

Xena is a gorgeous little parti- colored girl.  We do not know what color she will be - she appears black & white, but we expect her to be gold & white or brown & white - too soon to know!  She has a very flat little face, nice even markings, and excellent conformation.

Xena - now CoCo  $1800

HOLD - for Jay P. & Family!


Updated 4/10/2017

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