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Shasta is a black-silver girl with huge round dark eyes.  She did not bounce back as well as we would like to see after this litter, so she will be retiring from our home near the end of June.  

Shasta just turned 2 years old in April, and weighs about 8.5 pounds.  She is not yet spayed, and must be adopted as pet-only. 

Shasta is a little stand-offish with strangers, especially young children.  This is a recent change; we had an extended family with about 11 children visit to pick a puppy, and since then Shasta has been hiding under the table when young children are around, although she is fine with our 3 year-old granddaughter after about 15 minutes or so....  We don't know how to explain the change in her, as we certainly did not witness any harm coming to her.

Shasta is fully housebroken, and she does use a doggie door.  She is intelligent, and loves to go for walks and play outside.

We would prefer you meet Shasta in person, so we prefer not to ship her to her forever home.  

Shasta likes to make herself "at home," and she does jump up onto the couch without an invitation....  She is a beautiful sweet girl, though, and will happily share your life for many years!


Shasta                $400 

(Hold for the Smiths!) 




 Radar is ready to retire early!


Radar is a beautiful Black & White male with the biggest roundest eyes you have ever seen!  He has a sweet disposition.  Born April 30, 2016, he is still young and has an active personality.  Radar weighs about 9.5 pounds, and because we are retiring our larger females, he is "too big" for our Imperial females.



Radar               $500

(Hold for Martin C.!)


(Updated 6/20/2018)

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