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We will be rehoming Sommer when her current litter is fully weaned and in their new homes!

Sommer is a Gold & White girl, under 2 years of age.  She should go to a home with access to a doggie door and preferably a backyard with a privacy fence.

In full disclosure, Sommer is a sweet girl, but is a little hard to manage in our breeding program, as our Shih Tzu are IN the house.... She is able to jump our pet gates, even the 40 inch tall ones, and enjoys jumping into the puppy nurseries to eat their food....  Sommer does jump up on the furniture as well, which we try to discourage as a general rule.  She certainly loves sleeping in a family bed, and does not snore!

Sommer weighs about 10 pounds non-pregnant/nursing.  She is wonderful with children, and will do well in a home that wants to take her for walks, or as we said, where she has access to a doggie door.

Sommer is available on a spay contract agreement.  We prefer a family to meet her in person to take her home.  

Sommer should be available July 5th!  

 Sommer           $150

HOLD for Celina & Ray!  


(Updated 6/22/2017)

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